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ИСК"Тайм іс Мані"-оператор БМЗ
ИСК\"Тайм іс Мані\"-оператор  БМЗ

ИСК "Time is Money" Тайм іс Мані -  авторизованный Патнер Компании BORGA HALE, крупнейшего оператора рынка БМЗ.

Our company specializes mainly in designing and constructing complex steel halls as an acknowledged partnership with BORGA HALE LTD.

BORGA HALE LTD. belongs to the international BORGA GROUP. The Company was established in 1973 in Sweden and operates in the construction market. The GROUP deals in designing, producing and assembling prefabricated steel halls and manufacturing steel construction products, including trapezoidal steel sheets and cold-formed profiles.
"TIME IS MONEY" company is operating and designing in BORGA HALE System. We specialize in steel halls for industry, assembly plants and sports (tennis, horse riding). In addition we construct warehouses, shopping centers, car saloons, office buildings, workshops, etc.

We build BORGA HALE in the system of complex realization. From the
moment the construction is ordered and the appropriate deal is sign,
we deal with everything from the design, assembly to final completion.
We have everything that is necessary for your project to be realized.

"Time is Money" company also offers services in construction
of individual housing as well as other renovation
and building services.

If you intend to start a building investment, do not hesitate
to contact us. Time is money.

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